• YWCA - New Employment Programs

    May 26, 2021
    Your YWCA in Marin understands the challenges older adults face when rejoining the workforce or jump-starting a new career. It can be daunting, especially considering how fast technology changes.

    That’s why we’re launching three new free work programs to help get you back into the job market with the confidence, skills, guidance, and support you need to be successful.

    Building on the momentum of Fifty+ for Women, each program is tailored to a specific audience and designed to prepare you for your exciting new path. Here’s a snapshot:

    Work for ypurself@50+
    Open to all genders ages 50 or older in the Bay Area
    Built to help you start your own business, it includes core training on the basics of
    entrepreneurship, plus connections with others in your field.

    TTech Success Trainings
    Open to all genders ages 50 or older in the Bay Area who are enrolled in either 50+
    or 60+ Career Express
    Join trainings on key technology required for most jobs, designed to make it easier and
    build confidence.

    Career Express
    Open to all genders ages 60 or older who reside in Marin
    Participate in 60-minute intensive job-search trainings, workshops, and job clubs and
    employer forums, and get one-on-one support along the way.

    50+ Program for Women
    Open to all female-identifying adults ages 50 or older in the Bay Area and Chicago
    Get access to career workshops, job clubs and employer forums, and one-on-one
    support—both before and after you find work.