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Chamber Supports Measure A

October 11, 2016
The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce as a long history of supporting education. We support programs and legislation that create a qualified and capable workforce. That is why we are supporting Measure A.  It strengthens our community by protecting our future; the youngest, most vulnerable members of our community – our children.
Before the Chamber chooses to support any measure we examine it closely to ensure that it will do right by all business owners and taxpayers. First, even with Measure A, our sales tax rate will remain the same next year due to a scheduled decrease in the statewide sales tax rate.
Secondly, investing in our kids now means savings in the future. Measure A makes a smart investment to get kids an early start in the right direction, saving us much more expensive costs down the line such as remedial education, social services or even incarceration.
Third, Measure A has the right elements to ensure that funds will actually be spent as promised and that the funds will get spent on those that need it the most without creating another bureaucracy. Measure A will use local agencies already in place to avoid duplicity and have strict, mandatory fiscal accountability measures such as independent citizen’s oversight and annual reports that will provide transparency. The detailed expenditure plan outlines exactly where funds will go.
Measure A is good for business, good for our children and good for our future.
Click here for more information on Measure A