• Chamber Hosts CEO Roundtable Breakfast Meeting

    August 27, 2019

    Over twenty business leaders gathered on Friday, August 23rd at Peacock Gap as part of the Chamber's first annual CEO Roundtable breakfast.
    These Chamber Leaders Circle participants joined together to hear a presentation from one of California's noted economist, Dr. Jon Haveman on  "The Economics of Climate Change".

    There is increasing consensus that Climate Change is an issue in need of a solution.  There are a variety of solutions available, the problem is figuring out which one is the most efficient.  This is where economics comes in.  Economists have been working hard to determine what policy approach will meet emission reduction targets at the lowest possible cost.  Chief among these are cap and trade and a carbon fee.  Dr. Haveman discussed the economics of climate change and helped to provide an understanding of the relative merits of different policy options, from an economic perspective.  A better understanding among the public of the policy options is crucial for making progress toward achieving climate change goals while imposing the least cost on the overall economy.

    Dr. Jon Haveman is the Executive Director of NEED- The National Economic Education Delegation.

    His presentation can be found here.

    Joanne Webster, President and CEO
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