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    Marin Magazine has been committed to bringing our community together for nearly 20 years. Our mission is to showcase the people, places, and events that make Marin a special place to live, work and play. We believe in the importance of supporting local businesses, as they are the backbone of our community and contribute to the unique character of our county.

    Through our print and digital platforms, we connect our readers with the best that Marin has to offer. We cover a wide range of topics, including local news, art and culture, food and drink, health and wellness and so much more. Our goal is to provide our readers with informative engaging content that helps them stay connected to their community and discover new things to love about Marin.

    At Marin Magazine we are passionate about what we do and excited to continue serving as the trusted resource for our community.

    Marin Magazine is part of 270 Media LLC, which also includes Local Getaways and Spaces.


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